buzztard project status 01/01/2012

Finally after a long time, I managed to release a 0.6 of buzztard. So far only one regression was found and bml-0.6.1 was released to fix it.

A few things happened before the release still. At first after updating my distro, I made a lot of changes to avoid deprecated gtk+ api. For now we ship a copy of the ruler widget (that got removed in 3.0). The internal ruler widget is a lot saner than the upstream one too.

Another big change was to move from string parameter for notes to an enum. This is faster and lets us do things like blending of note ranges or transposing.

I also made quite a few bug-fixes – laspa effects work again, fluidsynth fixes, etc.

Now I look forward to a lot of new changes in 0.7.X.

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