Buzztrax aims to be a music studio that allows one to compose songs using only a computer with a soundcard. If you’ve used tracker programs like FastTracker, Impulse Tracker, or the original AMIGA SoundTracker, that will give you an idea of how one can sequence music in Buzztrax. The Buzztrax editor uses a similar concept, where a song consists of a sequence with tracks and in each track one uses patterns with events (musical notes and control changes). In contrast to other Tracker programs, tracks are not simply sample players: a user can make a song using an arrangment of virtual audio plugins that are linked together to create different effects. Each of these machines can be controlled realtime or via patterns in the sequencer.

The buzztrax editor will be just one possible application of the framework we are implementing. Tools like a dj mixing application or a live session composer are other things that can be built using our framework.


release 0.10.2 "loudest"

Merry Christmas and a happy new year. With buzztrax now in Debian and ongoing builds for openSUSE I got a few bug reports. Over Christmas I’ve been fixing many of them and here is a new release with the fixes included.


release 0.10.1 "louder"

Right after 0.10 got out, I found some time to start a little tune and found some bugs :-/ I’ve put the song aside and set out on fixing the bugs. And tada! here is the 0.10.1 release. Now back to the song 🙂


release 0.10.0

Just a few month since the previous release, this update mostly focuses on getting rid of deprecated APIs. Besides that it also comes with a new synthesizer plugin called ‘ebeats’. As the name suggests it is good at making percussion sounds. Together with that the library providing the dsp components got overhauled.


release 0.9.0

In this cycle we did a lot of finetuning on the gtk+3 port. More deprecated APIs are replaced with the new API. We did a lot of work on theming; e.g. all colors are now defined in the css files and settings let you select theme variants such as a dark theme.

The interaction . . . → Read More

project status 05/2015

I made great progress on the features for 0.9 and decided to cut a pre-release tarball. I’ll wait a bit for translation updates and hopefully push the release in a few days. If there is anything is that is not working well for you in the latest git version, now is the time to . . . → Read More

project status 12/2014

Now that two month passed since the release, I have a little update on whats going on. First we moved all the bugs over to github too, I love the way you can link things together over there. We also did a bug scrub and filed more ideas as tickets.

On the code base . . . → Read More

buzztrax 0.8.0 "bladerunner"

The buzztrax team has released version 0.8.0 “bladerunner” of its buzz-alike music composer.


Code reorganization and experimental support for 32bit windows dll plugins on 64bit x86.


Port to gstreamer-1.0. Various code cleanups and api-doc updates.


Port the code base to the recent version of the libraries we’re using. We switched from . . . → Read More

project status 07/2014

First, sorry for not keeping up with regular posts. Anyway, the good news is that we releasing version 0.8 soon. While this cycle does not bring a lot of new features, it has tons of changes. The base libraries we’re using wen’t through major api updates and we had to do the porting:

gconf . . . → Read More

project status 01/12/2013

I case you wonder whats up with the buzztrax, I finally have some updates.

First I declare the porting to be done. There might be some small things left here and there, but overall things are back in a working condition. 99% of the tests pass. I am now rewriting the dynamic relinking one . . . → Read More

project status 01/07/2013

The last two month I mostly worked on porting the UI from gtk+2 and gnome-canvas to gtk+3 and clutter. First I ported our own widgets (vumeter, waveform-viewer and pattern-editor). This was relative straight forward. One issue were the colors. I was using GtkStyle->bg[state] to draw the background, but the color there is simply wrong. . . . → Read More